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Our Services

Leo Logistics Packers are proud to provide you with quality packing services. We have a team of packing experts that make it easy for you to shift goods and other valuables from one place to the other. We understand that packing and moving is a tedious job and requires a lot of energy and time.
We are here to save your efforts and time and thus provide you with hassle free packing and moving services. You can contact us for services such as wrapping, packing, tapping, and boxing that we make available at affordable prices.We pack the items in specially designed cartons so that they can be carried easily without causing any loss. We understand the importance of the cartons and the carriage boxes in order to make a good and successful move. You cab set the schedule with and contact us for further bookings for packing and moving services. You have to remember that if you are carrying out the work of packing yourself, you may save some money but then we will not take the liability of your goods.
We pack the goods in a way that they do not get damages and occupy least space while being transported from one place to the other.You can be present at the location when the goods are being packed so that you can oversee the packaging process and know which goods are being packed in what manner. You will be given an inventory of the goods and if you have any disagreements, you can tell us before you sign the inventory and we carry the work forward. The packaging process that we follow is systematic and we list and number your items separately. Contact us to know more about the insurance options that we have for your goods. We are one of the leaders of packaging and moving industry and our experience makes us expert in providing you with these services. We understand the market well and thus make sure that you have access to best of services from our company’s side. Trust us to take care of all your packing and moving needs.

Local Areas

We serve in Bangalore

Leo Logistics & Packers

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Call us @ +91 8122450421 / +91 8122973405

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